Artisan Colour Spa ~Salon offers a variety of spa services including facials, massage, manicures, pedicures, waxing and cosmetic services.

Before writing about the services, Owner Tami Obremski urged me to try some to get a first-hand account of what Artisan has to offer. I was more than thrilled to take her up on her offer! Both of the services that I received were from Becca, who treated my as she would a close friend. I do not normally get the opportunity to spend part of my day at the spa, so it was a fun change to experience something rewarding for no particular reason!

My soft-spoken concierge greeted me with welcoming tones, and escorted me to the upper level spa.

The transition from the store to the spa was enhanced with soft music as I was kindly handed off to my technician, and directed into my beautifully lit service room.

All of this, and my service hadn’t even begun!