Manicure Services

Artisan Manicure$30
Artisan French Manicure$35
Artisan Spa Manicure (mask included)$40
Jessica Phenom Manicure (Gel polish without the light)$35
Jessica Natural Nail Treatment$50

This treatment is designed to grow and treat all different types of natural nail. Damaged, dry brittle, and soft peeling nails will be treated with products specifically designed for your nail type. This one hour treatment will help moisturize, soften and make the natural nail healthy again. Hot mitts are included and nails are polished underneath and on top to create a stronger nail foundation.

Gel Services

Gels are hypo-allergenic, odor free, and create a thin, light and natural looking nail enhancement.

Geleration Manicure$50
Hard Gel over natural nail$70
Gel with tip$75
Gel Rebalance Fill$45
Gel nail repair$5 per nail
Nail Art (not complimentary)$5 and up per nail
Product removal (includes Artisan Manicure)$40

Recommended to reduce damage to natural nails. Product will be soaked off followed by a full manicure.

Pedicure Services

Artisan Mini Pedicure$45

Quick soak, clipping and shaping of nails followed by light exfoliation and lotion

Artisan Pedicure$60

Dip into a soothing aroma therapy herbal bath. Clipping and shaping of nails, cuticle care, buffing with foot files while paying close attention to callus removal. Followed by a brown sugar scrub from the knees to the toes, finish with a pampering foot and calf massage. Top it off with the polish of your choice.

Artisan Spa Pedicure$75

Our Artisan Pedicure with an anti-stress mask applied. Feet are then wrapped and out in hot booties which will help reduce inflammation, sensitivity, and help restore balance and healing. This service also includes the scrub and mask removal with hot towels and a longer leg and foot massage.

Aveda Active Sports Pedicure$65

Specifically designed to ease the sore muscles of an active person. Begin with a soothing foot soak, nail and cuticle grooming, callus removal followed by an energizing sugar scrub of the lower legs and feet. After, enjoy an extended massage to relax the muscles and intense hydration will also relieve tired feet.

Beautifying Pedicure$75

Nourishing blends of certified organic plant oils, featuring the uplifting aroma of Aveda Beautifying body care products; reveal your natural beauty through exfoliating with mineral-rich salt scrub, seaweed masque, and beautifying cream massage.

Jessica Zen Spa Pedicure$95

This lemon grass scent inspires and brings fresh energy to the senses leaving a pure peace, relaxation and a total serenity…soak in a soothing crystal foot bath which will cleanse and help eliminate toxins from the body. Clipping and shaping of nails, cuticle care and callus removal is applied followed by buffing with foot files. A microdermabrasion leg and foot scrub is applied to effectively remove dry, dead skin cells and restores a healthy vibrant glow to the skin. The silkening foot lotion and heel crème is massaged into the legs and feet, and then relaxed in the heated foot booties for 7 minutes to condition and soothe dry chapped skin.

Seasonal Spa Pedicure$85

Enjoy the scents of the season with our signature spa pedicure

Lavender Paraffin Dip ~ add on service$15

Eases tension and stress in just one dip, while deeply hydrating and restoring skin to a more youthful; appearance. Great for arthritis.