Artisan Colour Spa ~Salon offers a variety of spa services including facials, massage, manicures, pedicures, waxing and cosmetic services.

Before writing about the services, Owner Tami Obremski urged me to try some to get a first-hand account of what Artisan has to offer. I was more than thrilled to take her up on her offer! Both of the services that I received were from Becca, who treated my as she would a close friend. I do not normally get the opportunity to spend part of my day at the spa, so it was a fun change to experience something rewarding for no particular reason!

leopardMy soft-spoken concierge greeted me with welcoming tones, and escorted me to the upper level spa.

The transition from the store to the spa was enhanced with soft music as I was kindly handed off to my technician, and directed into my beautifully lit service room.

All of this, and my service hadn’t even begun!

I started with a facial. The Artisan Signature Facial was a refreshing 60 minutes of tranquility, relaxation and stress relief. While I had experienced two full body massages, I had never had a facial before. To say that the Artisan Signature Facial is a unique sensory journey is an understatement.

When I settled into my heated table, I closed my eyes and escaped from the world outside that door.

spaBecca, my technician, quietly entered the room, and introduced me to the aromas, and the progression of steps she would take to ensure my comfort and relaxation.  Even the blankets felt luxurious as I waited for the true pampering to begin! I used the time before Becca started to mentally prepare myself. Letting my thoughts drift away became effortless once she began her steady work.

When I thought of a facial, I imagined cleansing, rinsing, exfoliating, and moisturizing. I soon found out that the Artisan Signature Facial is that X 100!

The layers of my facial seemed endless. There were so many benefits that I know my skin was deriving from each product, but it’s overshadowed by the way in which each one is introduced to my face, and by the texture of each cream.

Becca didn’t just apply product, she rhythmically massaged each product into my skin with knowledge of pressure points and muscles that made each step a journey in itself. She said that at that point some clients will fall asleep…I can understand how!

If that’s not enough, I’ve only really covered the “clinical” part of the facial, and how it made me feel. This service is further magnified by the extra effort that Becca put into my scalp, neck, arm, and hand massage.

Upon completion of the experience, I was more than relaxed, and more than ready to face my day! I know how much this experience benefited my skin, but more than that, it benefited my soul.

At select and strategic moments during the service, She focused on each and every stress relieving muscle in my scalp and neck. While my mask was working on my face, Becca took the time to professionally massage my arms, hands and fingers. Her precision and attention to detail make this extra touch, a truly signature experience.

Aveda aromatherapy and steam really made the facial, in my opinion. My aroma of choice was lavender. It is no exaggeration for me to say that I was definitely lost in my own little world during that hour. Becca worked silently and rhythmically to ensure optimal relaxation. I liked that she checked in with me periodically to gauge my comfort.

Artisan Colour Spa ~Salon also provided Oribe Dry Shampoo (which I love) and a comb so that I could freshen up after the facial was complete. While I had the Signature facial, I would consider getting one of Artisan’s specialty facials if I ever had a specific skin need.

Next up on my pampering list was a nail treatment!

The Artisan Manicure began with a soak with gentle soaps and pebbles. It was calming to be able to mindlessly play with the pebbles. Before starting the service, I was offered a selection of refreshments including citrus-infused water, coffee or tea. I know it sounds silly to compliment the drinking water, but the fresh oranges and lemons really added to the luxurious feel of the day. Becca placed my rings into a cleaning solution and rotated the bottle throughout the service. My nails were filed and buffed and the cuticles were shaped.

screen-shot-2016-11-10-at-11-15-07-amBecca determined the basic needs of my nails before applying a base coat. According to the Jessica scale, I have normal nails. I selected a beautiful purple mauve called “Enter if You Dare”. If you ask me, it is the perfect definition of fall. To finish off the manicure, she added some quick drops that helped to speed up the drying process. I also loved the music that was playing softly in the background of the nail station. It added to the overall ambiance of the room.

All in all, the services took about 2 hours. I would most definitely recommend Artisan Coulour Spa~ Salon to anyone looking for a day out to reward themselves. I could also see how Artisan would be the perfect place to provide bridal services.

No matter what the service, Artisan Colour Spa ~ Salon gives its clients the full experience. Please visit to view specific services and pricing information. Use the Artisan Colour Spa app today to book an appointment! I can’t wait to book mine!